4 steps to online ticket sales

Register now
The registration process is reduced to filling in two fields - E-mail and password.
Add an event
Simple and step by step adding an event keeps your work to a minimum.
Install the code on the site
Our service allows you to create various widgets for your site with a simple installation code.
Sign contract
To start receiving payments from clients, you just need to upload a scan of the agreement.

Best Selling Widget Designer

You can define any color, shape and size of the button. Set font size and color. The button code can be easily embedded into any page of your site.

Sell tickets at your box office

You can use the Cashier module and organize a sale at multiple locations
If you have several points of sale in different places of a city or country, then our system is perfect for you. You can control each cashier, monitor sales statistics in real time.
Cashier module
  • Working with the session schedule
  • Fixing the sold seats
  • Working with the hall layout, pass tickets
  • Sale, booking, refund
  • Working with ticket printers
  • Setting print options
  • Buyer monitor

Electronic ticket

You can customize the design of your e-ticket yourself or use one of our templates. The client receives an e-ticket to his e-mail and can print it or take a photo.
All e-tickets are unique. The ticket control system at the entrance excludes duplication or unauthorized passage of unauthorized people. All data is sent over secure channels using SLL certificates.